Empty Streets

Have you ever noticed how the world never seems to slow down? Everything always seems to happen at a breakneck speed. There are never enough hours in the day; never enough time to feel we are totally in control. It feels like if we can only finish that last job and we will finally be on top of everything, only to have that feeling snatched away when we realise there is always one more job to complete, always one more task to undertake.

Skin Deep

Madison is used to people staring. As someone covered from head to toes in tattoos, she has come to expect a reaction from the people she meets. But often those reactions will say more about the preconceived ideas of the people staring than the subject of their attention.


The challenges of homelessness face every country on earth, and every community will include the unfortunate souls who have been left behind. The question is, why?

Nana Viv

Nana Viv, the quietly spoken matriarchal elder of an Aboriginal family, can trace her roots back before any Europeans arrived on the shores of Australia. Today she has dedicated her life to the preservation of Aboriginal culture and history.

Under the bridge

London is full of surprises. Sometimes, these surprises are hidden away from prying eyes, behind walls and high fences. But, just as often they are in the most obvious of place, in broad daylight for anyone to see, providing they look. The Palace of Westminster is just such a place.

Shark Encounters

Why are we so afraid of sharks? Despite their fearsome reputation, sharks have been treated pretty unfairly over the years. Consistently portrayed as a menace to humanity, the reality is that we pose far more of a threat to the sharks than they do to us.

Sugar Loaf Mountain

Home to around 6,000,000 people, Rio is definitely not somewhere to get away from the crowd. Isolation is an impossible dream with so many people crammed into a single city. But there is something about the vibe of the city which makes everyone your friend.


The people of Havana really know how to look after their cars. They have to. With Cuba economically cut off from the rest of the world since the late 1950s, the cars on the road today are precisely the same cars which were on the road, way back then.


Life hasn't always been easy for Madam Beeponee. But, despite this, she still always manages a smile for the people she meets.


In a city as densely populated as Tokyo, life would be impossible without people learning to cooperate with their neighbours. Today, that sense of cooperation has become ingrained into the very fabric of society.

Bád Eddie

Run aground on a deserted beach in Ireland, the wreck of “Bad Eddie” has stood alone for over 40 years, a shell of its former self.


At just 19 years old Abdulazez is already one of the most inspirational people I have ever met. Originally from Syria, Abdulazez is one of the millions of refugees forced to flee their homes as war and conflict arrived uninvited into their lives.


Boxing is pure in Cuba. In a country where the pursuit of personal wealth is often seen as irrelevant, boxers don't train for money or fame. They know they will never see their names lit up in lights, or fight before an audience of adoring fans. Instead, they train for themselves to see what they can achieve.