A Magnificent Colosseum

At the height of their popularity, the gladiatorial contests held at the Colosseum were some of the most spectacular events Rome had ever seen. But they were also spectacularly expensive, and their cost ultimately led to the amphitheatre’s eventual demise.


In Amsterdam, it the bicycle which rules the streets, not the motor car. It is pedal power which moves the city, not oil.


Far too many of us underestimate the power of the ocean. We take it for granted that humans have control over the world around us. But there are those among us who know the true power of the ocean, and that sometimes we are nothing more than unwelcome guests.


As the sun rises over the Brandenburg Gate, it is impossible not to be swept up in the history that has been witnessed on this very spot.

Passage of Time

History is everywhere in Athens. On every street you walk, chances are something within touching distance will be a thousand years old, or more. Ancient ruins are so commonplace, many are barely given a passing glance, as the modern city goes about its daily life.


The summer heat of Dubai can take your breath away. It grabs hold of you from the moment you step out of the comfort of air-conditioned buildings, and just won't let go. But wandering around the old souk region of Dubai, there is a much greater warmth to be felt, the warmth of the genuine friendships forged through the mutual struggles of life.


After her husband, James Russell, passed away in 1848, Jane Smith Russell had this church built in his memory. Standing high over the "Poison Glen" of Dunlewey, in Ireland's County Donegal, the church has long fallen into disrepair.


I am so inspired by artists, especially those who have carved out their own, unique style. PEM is just such an artist, and carving his style is literally what he has been doing for decades.


The ocean covers more than 70% of our planet. Containing 97% of all our water, it is home to so much life we think we have only discovered a tiny percentage of what is out there.


What’s so wrong with being an individual? That is something I have often thought about since meeting Felix. A musician from Tanzania, I met while he played his guitar under a tree in a Cape Town park. There is no mistaking his sense of individuality and uniqueness, one of the many ways he chooses to express himself.


The fishermen work, their words unspoken. Each one knows their role, each one knows the role of the other. They work in harmony, practiced, like a well oiled machine.


I have lost count of the number of times I have found myself standing on this very spot, staring up at Big Ben. It brings back so many childhood memories, as I remember the feelings of wonder and excitement, as I waited for the famous bells to chime.

Many years may have passed since those childhood days, but the those feelings are just as strong as they ever were.