Where are you from?

I’m originally from the UK but I am now based on the Indian Ocean island of Mauritius. I travel wherever each project takes me.

What first made you pick up a camera?

I have always been fascinated by how a photograph could capture a moment in time. As a child, I would spend hours studying historical photographs, looking at the people featured and wondering what their lives were like, and what happened right after the photograph was taken. For me, the way photographs could immortalise a single moment was the next best thing to time travel. This fascination led to me picking up my first camera, and continues to drive me today.

How did you learn?

I have often heard photography described as a place where art and science collide, and I think that’s true. In my case, I learned the science of photography by reading every book I could find, questioning every photographer I met, and generally soaking up as much information as possible. The science behind photography is a constant; the laws of physics don't change and learning them simply requires a commitment to study.

The art of photography is a different matter - that comes from deep within. I have always believed that everyone has the power to be an artist within them, but unlocking that artistry is something you can’t learn – it comes from experience, trial and error, play and experimentation. Every photographer must discover it for themselves, and it takes time and dedication to find your unique creative style.

What cameras do you use?

I am a big fan of mirrorless cameras, and have used the Fujifilm X-Series exclusively many years. For my style of photography, their lightweight nature makes them so much more convenient than their dSLR counterparts.

I have written a more detailed article about the photography gear I use, which is available here.

How would you describe your style?

My preference has always been to capture the candid – those natural, unscripted moments from everyday life. To achieve this, I like to be in the middle of the action rather than viewing things from a distance. The subjects of almost all my photographs are close enough to touch. Through a combination of colour, composition and mood I endeavour to create timeless photographs which can’t be obviously dated - photographs which could have been taken 50 years or five minutes ago.

Which projects inspire you most?

I am inspired by the world around me, the people I meet and the places I visit. The world is an incredible place; I have seen and photographed so many extraordinary sights and human emotions. Yet just when I think I have seen everything, something new and fascinating takes me by surprise and I’m inspired all over again.