What first made you pick up a camera?

I have always been fascinated by how a photograph could capture a moment in time. As a child, I would spend hours studying historical photographs, from times long past. I would look at the people featured in those photographs. What were their lives like? What happened right after the photograph was taken? For me, this ability of photographs to immortalise a single moment was the next best thing to time travel, allowing us to connect with our past. This fascination led to me picking up my first camera, a fascination which continues to drive me today.

How did you learn?

I am self-taught.

Which projects interest you most?

I am always looking for the stories behind the stories. The obvious has never interested me. I strive to see past the obvious, looking for the true story beyond. These are the projects which interest me the most.

What cameras do you use?

I am a big fan of mirrorless cameras, and have used the Fujifilm X-Series cameras almost almost exclusively in recent years. For my style of photography, their lightweight nature make them so much more convenient than their dSLR counterparts.

I have written a more detailed article about the photography gear I use, which is available here.

Can I buy your photographs?


I make a number of selected photographs available for purchase in the form of limited edition prints. They may be purchased from my gallery, located in the north of Mauritius, and also available for shipping worldwide.

Will you photograph my wedding or family event?

No. Unfortunately I am not able to undertake commissions for wedding or other family events due to the time constraints of my other projects.