Space is a valuable asset in Tokyo.

With billboards and brightly lit signs occupying every available inch of the buildings above, and people jostling for room as they bustle along the crowded streets below, the entire city can prove a serious shock to the system.

And yet there is a sense of order within the chaos.

In such a densely populated city, people have had to learn to work together to bring order to every day life. Japanese society has practically been built on complex social rules with which govern virtually every aspect of everyday life. Whether is it knowing when to walk and when to stop, or who goes first and who gives way, everyone just seems to understand what to do. Where elsewhere in the world, we are so caught up in our own lives and thoughts, completely unaware of the people around us, in Tokyo co-operation has become a way of life. They have understand the simple truth, that by thinking about others, everyone can benefit.

Perhaps it is a lesson we all benefit from learning.