Patrick knows the ocean.

When I met him, walking the beach of Gris Gris, on the southernmost tip of Mauritius. He was looking out to sea, with the steely-eyes of someone who understands the power of the ocean waves. His windswept hair and weather-beaten skin testament to a life spent outdoors.

"A gale is coming" he told me, as I took this photograph, "sometimes the ocean tells us to stay away."

And with that he was gone, leaving the ocean as he found it. The wind and the waves had decided there would be no fishing that day.

Far too many of us underestimate the power of the ocean. We take it for granted that human's have the power over the world around us. But Patrick, along with other fishermen all over the world, know the truth. Nature is the true master of our oceans, and sometimes we are nothing more than unwelcome guests.