Walls don't work

On the 13th August 1961, the East Berlin authorities began constructing the Berlin Wall, a huge, physical barrier intended to divide the entire city of Berlin in two, separating friends, families and communities for the next 28 years.

Built by a government intent on controlling the free will of the people, under the pretence of protecting the public from so-called dangerous ideologies, it was used to control where people could go and who they could talk to. Human spirit was contained behind a wall of bricks, concrete and metal.

Except human spirit can never be controlled. No matter how high the wall, no matter how big the divide, human spirit will always overcome, eventually.

And on the 9th November 1989, the wall finally fell, torn down by hand, as the people of Berlin were finally unified once again. Today, as the world once again faces the prospect of a "great wall" intended to separate people by force, the Berlin Wall stands testament to the truth history has taught us, walls don’t work.