Time to act

We can’t wait any longer, time is running out.
We can’t deny it any more, the evidence is simply too overwhelming.
Climate change is real, it is a crisis, and we have to act now.

I am obsessed with photographing the ocean. Ever changing, the ocean waves are mesmerising, the beauty of which can take your breath away. And yet the beauty and health of oceans, and our planet, is under threat like never before. If we don’t change our ways, soon it simply won’t be possible to capture photographs like this.

Throughout history, we have often looked to our elders for their wisdom and guidance, their experience guiding the naivety of the young. But in recent years it has fallen to the young people of the world to express the voice of alarm when it comes to recognising the reality of climate change. All around our planet, young people like Greta Thunberg, the 16 year old Swedish activist who has been shaming the Governments of the world for their failure to act, are crying out in frustration and anger as their elders continue to destroy the environment which will be left to those young people to sort out.

All of us who should be old enough to know better should be ashamed. We have spent the past decades with our heads buried in the sand, fooling ourselves that things are not that bad really, that we can continue being as wasteful and destructive as we have always been, and there won’t be any consequences. But we were wrong, there are always consequences to our actions, and all around the world those consequences can be seen by anyone who chooses to open their eyes to the reality of what we are doing to the planet.

And now we simply have to change our ways. All of us have to play our part. It is not enough to wait for other people to act, we all share the responsibility.

Change can begin with something as simple as choosing to never use single use plastic. Nobody NEEDS to use a plastic straw, and yet every year millions of discarded plastic straws cause mayhem in our oceans. Nobody NEEDS a disposable coffee cup, carrying a reusable mug becomes second nature once you are in the habit, and yet every year millions of disposable cups are dumped into landfill around the world.

These are such tiny changes to our every day lives - changes which can make such a difference to our environment - there is simply no excuse for us to carry on as we have before.

Time is running out, it is time for us to act.