All in People

Skin Deep

Madison is used to people staring. As someone covered from head to toes in tattoos, she has come to expect a reaction from the people she meets. But often those reactions will say more about the preconceived ideas of the people staring than the subject of their attention.

Nana Viv

Nana Viv, the quietly spoken matriarchal elder of an Aboriginal family, can trace her roots back before any Europeans arrived on the shores of Australia. Today she has dedicated her life to the preservation of Aboriginal culture and history.


Life hasn't always been easy for Madam Beeponee. But, despite this, she still always manages a smile for the people she meets.


At just 19 years old Abdulazez is already one of the most inspirational people I have ever met. Originally from Syria, Abdulazez is one of the millions of refugees forced to flee their homes as war and conflict arrived uninvited into their lives.


For the past decade or so, Tony Giles has travelled to more than 120 countries, making him one of the most travelled people I have ever met. Such a journey would be an amazing achievement, but Tony is totally blind and nearly completely deaf in both ears, making his voyage truly exceptional.

Spirit of the Samurai

Tradition runs strong in Japan. Despite being at the forefront of technological advancement for decades, all across the neon-lit, modern city of Tokyo, people are keeping the old ways alive. They haven't forgotten their heritage.


Far too many of us underestimate the power of the ocean. We take it for granted that humans have control over the world around us. But there are those among us who know the true power of the ocean, and that sometimes we are nothing more than unwelcome guests.


The summer heat of Dubai can take your breath away. It grabs hold of you from the moment you step out of the comfort of air-conditioned buildings, and just won't let go. But wandering around the old souk region of Dubai, there is a much greater warmth to be felt, the warmth of the genuine friendships forged through the mutual struggles of life.


I am so inspired by artists, especially those who have carved out their own, unique style. PEM is just such an artist, and carving his style is literally what he has been doing for decades.


What’s so wrong with being an individual? That is something I have often thought about since meeting Felix. A musician from Tanzania, I met while he played his guitar under a tree in a Cape Town park. There is no mistaking his sense of individuality and uniqueness, one of the many ways he chooses to express himself.