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Life hasn't always been easy for Madam Beeponee. But, despite this, she still always manages a smile for the people she meets.


For the past decade or so, Tony Giles has travelled to more than 120 countries, making him one of the most travelled people I have ever met. Such a journey would be an amazing achievement, but Tony is totally blind and nearly completely deaf in both ears, making his voyage truly exceptional.


Far too many of us underestimate the power of the ocean. We take it for granted that humans have control over the world around us. But there are those among us who know the true power of the ocean, and that sometimes we are nothing more than unwelcome guests.


I am so inspired by artists, especially those who have carved out their own, unique style. PEM is just such an artist, and carving his style is literally what he has been doing for decades.


The fishermen work, their words unspoken. Each one knows their role, each one knows the role of the other. They work in harmony, practiced, like a well oiled machine.