I don’t remember making a conscious decision to travel the world. It was a journey that just seemed to happen of its own accord. There was no grand scheme – no schedules or plans. I simply went where the wind blew me.

And yet, the more I travelled, the more it felt like this was a voyage on which I was meant to be. I didn’t know any of the people I met, nor did I know any of the places I visited. But the stories I collected, through the photographs I captured, seemed to resonate so strongly with me, it was as though these were stories I was meant to share.

And so, over the course of three years, I travelled to more than two dozen cities, spanning six continents, and I collected those stories.

Somewhere, Anywhere is the result of my journey. 

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ISBN: 978-99949-958-1-3
Cover: Hardback | Pages: 288 | Dimensions: 245mm x 185mm x 25mm