The art of photographic story telling

A great photograph will always tell a story. It will transport the viewer to a different place and a different time, allowing them to experience the emotions of the moment for themselves. Now you can learn how to tell your own stories, of the people you meet and the places you visit, through the photographs you capture.

What you will learn

This fun and informative workshop will teach you the skills and techniques you need to begin telling your own stories through your photographs.

We will explore how to set the scene, structuring your photographs to tell an engaging story. We will look at how you can conquer your fears by leaning the mindset which will allow you to narrate the world around you. And lastly we will bring it all together by learning how to really capture the moment, telling the final story.

Plus I will share with you many of the practical techniques I have learned over the years I have been travelling the world as an international travel and documentary photographer.

Course Requirements

This course is suitable for photographers with at least a basic knowledge of photography, including how to manually expose and compose a photograph. In order to participate in the practical exercises, you will require a dSLR or Mirrorless camera with manual control for exposure.

Workshop Schedule

09h00: Arrival & Registration
09h15: Introduction
09h45: The equipment of a story teller
10h15: Anatomy of a story
10h45: Break
11h00: Setting the scene
12h00: Lunch Break
12h45: Conquering your fears
13h15: Finding the narrative
14h15: Break
14h30: The ethics of photography
15h00: Review
15h30: Q & A
16h00: Close

When & Where

Date: Saturday, 26 January 2019
Venue: Paul Choy Gallery, Labourdonnais (Location in Google Maps)
Course Fee: Rs 6,000 MUR per participant. Fee includes a free copy of my book, “Somewhere, Anywhwere” featuring 288 pages of photographs from all over the world.