Learn with Paul Choy

As an International travel and documentary photographer, my camera has taken me all over the world, and the lessons I learned along the way have proved invaluable in my journey through photography. And now, through my workshops, I am privileged to be able to share the knowledge those lessons taught me. These are the workshops I wish I was able to attend when I first picked up a camera.

19 January 2019

Click - A beginners guide to photography

Do you want to get out of “auto” and into creating stunning photographs? Then join me as I personally teach you how to really unlock the creative power of your camera. I am so excited to show you just how much you can achieve with with right knowledge and guidance.

26 January 2019

Telling Stories - The art of visual storytelling

A great photograph will always tell a story. It will transport the viewer to a different place and a different time, allowing them to experience the emotions of the moment for themselves. Now you can learn how to tell your own stories, of the people you meet and the places you visit, through the photographs you capture.